Best price

We assure of the best possible price for a product

Best Quality

We guarantee of the best quality products in the market

Best Service

We promise you the best repair service for sure.

Best support

We are glad to provide the best support we can.

The place you can trust to buy

We cater all the products and equipments for the agricultural, irrigational, electrical and plumbing systems.

We help the customers choose the products for their needs by visiting their fields and provide them advise.

At Kumaran & co. we value relations.

About us

Kumaran & Co. begin its journey in the year of 1997. Started by 3 friends who had little knowledge about the business, we have grown into the leading suppliers of irrigation, agriculture, electrical and plumbing equipments in the district.

And yes, it did not happen in a day. Years of untiring hard work and honesty, integral support by friends, relations built with customers by delivering them what they need and the trust we got in return, has made us what we are today.

Being from an agricultural family and being proud farmers of even today, we are able to gauge the specific needs of the irrigation and agricultural systems by the our customers. Treating the customers as part of one big family of farmers has helped us climb the success ladder and we try our best to hold the trust of our clients.

Best Price is the minimum a customer expects from a seller. We assure of this basic need to our clients and customers. We procure and sell the products at the best price in the market.

If price is one side of the coin Quality is the other side of it for a product. We supply the best rated products in the market and the products which are popular among the mass.

Any product or equipment is susceptible to maintenance and repair. We offer premium service in periodic as well as adhoc maintenance of the equipments and help the customer to continue his business.

We also help the cusomter the warranty related services and replacements. We offer genuine spares for the products that we sell. Our experienced and skilled technicians assure of the best services at any time.

We help the customers to chose the right product for their need. We even make field visit to assess the customer's problem and help him with the best possible solution. We help them subsidy as well.

We provide delivery of goods to the customer premises and also with the installation and demo. We are open to customer feedbacks and value them as inputs for our growth and also help them serve better.


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